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European Shor Fishing Championship

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45. Generalversammlung vom 12. November 2016

Am 19. März 2017 findet eine ausserordentliche GV mit Mitagessen statt.
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Jahresbeitrag 2017 wurde erlassen.


Einladung ausserordentliche GV

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Protokoll GV 2016

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EFSA European Species and Line Class Championship/ Langeland 2017

Dear EFSA friends:

Welcome to Langeland!

It is now the fourth Langeland has been selected by EFSA for hosting a European Championship. Whilst the Langeland Belt and beaches on the East side of the island have regular visitors from Germany and Denmark, it is always an extraordinary privilege to host an event of such international class.

Langeland is one of the Islands of the Fyn region in Denmark. Being surrounded by the calmer climate of the Baltic Sea tourism plays a huge role. Apart from fishing there are plenty of opportunities to go sailing, hiking and bicycling. Ferries connect the Fyn islands with the rest of Denmark but also Germany and Sweden.

Sight seeing is concentrated on the island around Bagenkop in the South. Humble with the ancient grave of King Humble, Rudk��bing and Spodsbjerg in the middle up to Lohals in the North. The unusual lengthy shape gave the island its name (Langeland meaning the ���long land���).

Flatfish will be the target for this competition. In the waters around Langeland late autumn is the most prolific time of the year for this kind of fishing. The main two species of flatfish caught will be flounder and dab. However, plaice and turbot might make an appearance too.

We are very proud for EFSA Germany for being selected as the hosts for this year���s species championship and wish all competitors a successful and enjoyable time!

Any questions please contact Thomas Reinhardt (
langeland@angelcentrum.dk) or myself

On behalf of EFSA Germany

Organising Committee Marcus Wuest


EFSA Programm 2017

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PENN Challenge Kapverden 2017

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